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Your Assets IS your Treasure

Every company invests tons of money in their assets. Still, only a few treat them as they really are. And in reality, they are their treasure. A saying goes like: “Whatever you cannot measure, you cannot Manage”.And in this case, using EAM software to “measure” your assets is the beginning, for you to be able to start Managing. But, of course, a good EAM platform does not stop there. It does virtually everything you will need in order to exploit every bit of your assets, including the intangible ones. Infor has done a great job in developing the best EAM tools for all the market segments. That is why it was also recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management Software. Athentis, an Infor strategic partner for Greece and Cyprus, can also be your close partner for turning your assets into your treasure.

Who we are

Infor’s business partner for Greece and Cyprus

… ready to provide you with wider choice in business solutions

… implementing business solutions in large and mid-size enterprises

Why us

we specialize in extending ERP functionality and making systems talk together

Our proposed solution is a delivered solution

… we are in the ERP business since the early 90’s and we have seen the scene changing

Our values

listening to our customers

… focusing on industry expertise

… delivering leading technologies

… looking for simplicity with a new fresh approach

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