Can you cope with your Tower of Babel?

John(*) is the IT Manager of “Transport Services S.A.”(*). This is a big logistics company, serving 90% of the largest establishments all over the nation. He is new to this place. He was hired with the main task to bring “Transport Services” to a new era of operation. The effective use of informatics is the vehicle to do so. There is a serious problem though in this specific case. The company operates for decades, quite successfully indeed, but in many instances with obsolete tools. They already had an ERP system in place. John conducted a simple investigation and decided that they should expand their system’s capabilities in order to better manage their network, fleet, and asset maintenance. He spotted a great solution. Modern, fast, powerful, at a reasonable price, and very well-tested in the market. The only disadvantage he could see was that it was developed by another provider from the one who introduced them with their current software. And according to John, there could be problems in the effort for the new application to fit in the existing environment. The consultant of the software development company that offers this solution has repeatedly assured John, that his proposal includes the right tools for a seamless integration of the new software to the existing platform. “We have solved the Tower of Babel problem”, the consultant said; “You can be up to date with all your applications today, and you can incorporate anything you will need tomorrow and the day after”. John finally agreed. And the new application worked wonders. And it “talked” perfectly with all the rest. So John helped people in other departments in his company to do a better job. And he built his Tower of Babel. Not to God, but close to that: to the freedom to use the best solutions together with his existing base. Not bad for these times, when you need to choose the best for your company. Because it has to compete. And do it effectively in a mean market. This is not the only case in the market of course, as it is almost the standard for most mature businesses. At some point in their trajectory, they have introduced computers and software in order to operate efficiently. And they did succeed in that. But times change, technology advances at the speed of light, and what was cutting edge yesterday, is obsolete tomorrow. Moreover, people move around, young personnel comes in, and they are more adept to use speed to their advantage. Adaptability, mobility, global communication, cloud-based operation, are a few of the attributes new employees are ready and eager to use. And this is for the advantage of the company as well. These days, it is a shame not to be able to have applications “talk to each other”. And the companies to be free to choose the best solution. So, be free to choose, be ready to integrate your choice, and get ready to reap the benefits. An excellent example of a platform full of tools for easy integration of Infor’s great solutions is Infor OS Stamatis Pappas Director Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Athentis (*) Fictitious name


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